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Advertisement Apartments for sale in Vitebsk region

Vitebsk region
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Apartments for sale
46 300 Br BYR
Новая 3-х комнатная квартира в доме 2012 года постройки. Рядом остановки общественного транспорта, строится школа, хороший вид из окна.Ремонт по фото.

Vitebsk 28.10.2018

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Ads Apartments for sale in Vitebsk region In recent years, people in our country have begun to actively buy property, invest all sorts of savings in housing. This is due, primarily, with a flexible exchange rate fluctuations. While the money and not depreciated Ukrainians began to buy apartments. Of course the construction company decided as quickly as possible to start, in order not to miss such an important peak earnings and started building a little not each hectare of land. Hyperactivity showed in the West of Ukraine and if You a resident of these lands — will interest You. On NYiGDE? in the ad, each user has the opportunity to see the publication of the sale/purchase/exchange of apartments in a particular city and throughout the country. Also You can place your ad with a detailed description and an unlimited number of photos. Come and choose the best.
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